Pythoness/Pippi Ascott
Also known as

Shrimp (by Hyena)

Midget (by Charlotte and Veronica)

Kid (by Pyro)

Shorty  (By Seamstress)

Age 16
Birthday Oct. 30
Contry Germany
Gender female
Species human/sorceress
Powers and abilities

-Sorcery and spellcasting

-Video Games


Weaknesses and vulnerabilities

-Her waist. If she is tickled there, she starts rolling on the floor and squealing.


-Hates sports

Height 4'5 -HAW HAW MIDGET nu is okie I feel you *pet pet* I'm 4'11-
Friends Oma





Other villains



Video games





When things get too emotional


Mrs. Ascott- Died when Pippi was 2

Mr. Ascott- Ran away when Pippi was 7

Appearance Edit

Pippi has raven-black, medium-length hair that is very short in the back, but with two tendrils of hair in the front. Due to a European medical condition called Goth Syndrome, her skin is dreadfully pale and her eyes are purple. She is unable to tan.

Pippi always wears an amulet around her neck, which holds the power of the Pythoness. Though, it's usually hidden underneath her clothes.

When she's Pythoness, she wears a mask that has lace covering the eyeholes so that she can see everything, but no one can see her eyes. She pairs this with a black shapeless cloak, a pointy witch hat, and an expressionless face, usually with black or plum coloured lipstick. On her feet are black combat boots. Her outfit under her cloak is yet to be confirmed.

Personality Edit

In her civilian form, Pippi is meek, nerdy, shy, and doesn't stand up for herself much. She makes plans of how she's going to "Stand up to charlotte, and this time I mean it!" but never does. Unless Charlotte does something unsanitary. Then things get real.

But when she's Pythoness, she shows little to no emotion. She acts very cold but has gotten offended at being called a kid by Pyro, grabbing his hand and flipping him over.

Relationships Edit

Feline- Feline is her partner in crime- I mean life-saving. They sometimes have minimal arguments, but it never goes too far.

Hyena- As Pippi, she doesn't like to be touched, so when he made physical contact with her, all she could do was cower meekly, and for this, she hates him. Oh, and he destroyed stuff and junk and things, so there's another thing.

Pyro- She is still angry with him because of the "kid" remark...

Seamstress- "Destroy. Her. At. All. Costs... Harley Quinn wannabee."

Charlotte- As I have said before, Charlotte is Pippi's enemy as a civilian. She torments Pippi daily with her minion, Veronica.

Lamia- "Please stop that." -Quote from Pythoness when she was being hit on by Lamia

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