Also known as
Age 16
Contry Germany
Gender Male
Species Human
Powers and abilities Fire generation
Weaknesses and vulnerabilities When his gas mask is taken off
Height 5'9
Friends Seamstress, unfortunately...



Enemies Fawn/Feline


Likes Chaos

Suffering of others

Pain of others

Death of others

Relatives Elenor Eichel

Hyden Eichel

Appearance Edit

Pyro wears a dark grey trenchcoat with black knee-high combat boots and brown trousers

His brown hair is shaved on one side, darker on the shaved side. The side that isn't shaved is bright yellow at the tips, fading into orange, and then red. then it fades into brown. This is specifically designed to resemble fire.

Personality Edit

Out of him, Hyena, and Seamstress, he is the logical one. He thinks before he acts, but his actions are always ruthless, even going as far as murder.

Relationships Edit

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