-Video Games -Drawing
Also known as Chibi pumpkin witch
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Contry Germany
Gender female?
Species Unknown
Powers and abilities
Weaknesses and vulnerabilities ???
Height 2 inches
Friends Pippi
Enemies Any enemy that Pippi has
Likes Anime


Pippi's funny rants

Dislikes When Pippi is sad
Relatives <None>

Appearance Edit

The miniature 2-inch witch wears a pumpkin on her head with the front cut out and has black "skin" and glowing white eyes. She wears a cape made of tiny green leaves weaved together and some orange shorts. She also wears one thigh-high white, yellow and orange striped sock.

Personality Edit

Oma is a responsible little cookie. She actually listens to Pippi ranting and gives the best advice. She supports Pippi's descisions unless it's something seriously wrong.

Relationships Edit


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