Also known as That freaking Medusa lady (by Pythoness)
Age 17
Ethnicity German
Gender Female
Species Lamia (Half woman half snake)
Powers and abilities -Her snake half of her body can extend and stretch as far as she wants

-Extremely flexible

Weaknesses and vulnerabilities Like Pythoness, she is extremely sensetive in her waist.
Height Depends...
Friends -Seamstress



Enemies "Hmmm... I may try to destroy them, but I wouldn't call them enemies."
Likes -Chaos

-Hitting on Pythoness

Relatives None

Appearance Edit

Being a lamia, she is a snake from the waist down. Her snake half is decorated with green scales. Her hair is straight and black with green highlights.

Lamia has a gorgeous face. Her eyelashes are thick. Her nose is perky. She has a perfect, oval-shaped face. Her lips are plump and perfect. Her eyes are big and brown. This villain was designed to be beautiful.

On the woman half, only her breasts are covered. They are covered by the same green scales on her snake half. All her muscles are perfectly toned. Her waist is tiny and thin, but her hips are wide, bringing out her womanly curves.

Personality Edit

Lamia has a flirty personality, liking to flirt with the heroines, particularly Pythoness... while she tries to destroy them. Other than that, she is ruthless and evil.

Relationships Edit

Pythoness- Lamia loves flirting with Pythoness, calling her cute because of her height and even making physical contact, much to Pythoness' disliking.

Feline- Lamia also likes to hit on Feline every once in a while.

Seamstress- The two act like best friends. Well, that's because they are best friends. They both have each other's back.

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