Also known as Joker reject (by Pythoness)
Age 16
Contry Germany
Gender Male
Species Human/Human-hyena
Powers and abilities
Weaknesses and vulnerabilities ... is there, really?
Height 5'8
Friends Don't you mean allies?

Any villain

Enemies Fawn/Feline


Likes Chaos

Suffering of others

Pain of others

Death of others

Dislikes Feline

When Pythoness is no fun and decides to be a butt and not use her abilities to do fun stuff with him (I. e. getting into an epic battle)

When the two decide to save the day and ruin his fun

Relatives Fawn

Sofia Ascott

Lucas Ascott

Appearance Edit

He has messy black hair. He has one red eye and yellow eye (Yes, they are natrual). He wears a suit like Feline's but more orange-ish

Personality Edit

Relationships Edit

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