Fawn Cadelle

Also Known as Feline

Fawn Cadelle

Stupid Cat (by Roma)

Pretty Kitty (by Lamya)

Age 16
Birthday UNKNOWN
Contry Germany
Gender female
Species human/human-feline
Powers and abilities Speed

Speaks German, English and Spanish.

Weaknesses and vulnerabilities Hyena, Thunder,
Height 5'6
Friends Alya Fischer

Charlotte Schneider

Veronica Weber

Tina Bach

Ariana Fabel

Enemies Pyro





Likes Running




Dislikes Slackers





Relatives Sofia Cadelle (Mummy)- Sofia Cadelle is overseas with Lucas Cadelle.

Lucas Cadelle (Papa)- Lucas is currently overseas with his wife.

Charlie Cadelle (Hyena)- He has been a villain for three years now. She has been trying to get him to come back home, but to no avail.

Appearance Edit

As Fawn Cadelle, she has a natural shade of red hair, although it's dyed. Her natural colour is light brown. Her eyes are emerald green.

She often wears her favourite pink baby doll dress, which she washes often and is always wearing red floral doc marten boots.

As Feline, she wears a white mask with white streaks going down from the inner corner of her eyes to the sides of her nose, where the mask ends. Her hair is a bright, unnatural shade of red. Her skin-tight suit has a line of fur starting at her collar coming down and ending at her lower stomach. The rest is yellow and printed with leopard spots. Finishing the look are some black gloves and black knee-high boots.

Personality Edit

As Fawn, she is happy and cheerful and sweet. She is popular enough to not be bullied and have a lot of people at school who like her.

However, as Feline, she is serious, unforgiving and thoughtful. She is noble and thinks before she acts. She could never hurt Hyena, for he is her little brother.

Relationships Edit

Hyena- She fights with him often, but that's only because she has to defend innocent lives. Deep down inside, she could never hurt him. She loves him.

Pythoness- "Can I write my opinions? Yes? Okay... Pythoness shouldn't be so cold. I really don't like how she just blatantly avoids interviews. I just get them over with. And she never makes plans. Well, maybe she makes her own, but she has to communicate them! Other than that, I think she's a great hero. If only she'd tell me how she felt every once in a while."

Lamia- "KILL HER. NOW. WITH FIRE. First, she hits on me, then she hits on Pythoness once she realizes Pythoness is 16!"

Alya- "Alya is my best friend. But she doesn't know I'm Feline."

Charlotte- "I wish Charlotte wouldn't be so mean. But she's nice to me."

Veronica- "We're friends..."

Tina- "She's cute, but she tends to overreact."

Ariana- "I love her fashion sketches!"

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