Charlotte Schneider

Also Known As Bimbo (By Pippi)

Charlie (By Veronica)

Charster (by Fawn)

Contry Germany
Gender female
Species Human
Powers and abilities -Being a jerk




Weaknesses and vulnerabilities
Height 5'7
Friends -Veronica Weber

-Fawn Cadelle

-Aleah Fischer

-Tina Bach

-Ariana Fabel

Likes -Feline & Pythoness

-Being a jerkasaurus rex to less popular students that have something to be insecure about. (I.e. Pippi and her short height)




Dislikes -Weird people


Relatives -Laurence Schneider: Charlotte's father,

Appearance Edit

Charlotte has honey-brown eyes and blonde hair tied back into a ponytail. She is usually found wearing pink. She wears a shade of pink lipstick. Her lashes are dramatic and most likely fake. Her face has perfect proportioning, except for the fact that her eyes are a little too close together. But other than that, most guys actually have crushes on her.

Personality Edit

Charlotte has a demanding, spoiled personality and thinks very high to herself. She treats her friends as stress dumps and puppets. Well, except for Fawn, to whom she treats like a real friend every once in a while, much to Fawn's liking.

She always has the urge to step on Pippi.

Relationships Edit

Pippi- She will do anything to sabotage and crush Pippi if Pippi ever gets in her way of doing whatever she wants to anyone and anything. She despises Pippi.

Veronica- She doesn't treat Veronica with respect at all, despite being her "best friend". She just gets Veronica to help her in sabotaging or crushing her peers.

Fawn- She sometimes treats Fawn with respect and actually views Fawn as a true friend.

Tina- She uses Tina as a puppet, but usually talks behind her back to the other friends in the group.

Ariana- She doesn't agree with Ariana's favoring of Pythoness, but she can tolerate it. She doesn't talk behind her back for that reason, but for others.

Alya- "Alya's too sweet to do anything. Maybe I'll just rant to her." -Charlotte

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